Path of Exile Sentinel 3.18 lauching today!


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Hey Exiles!

Happy launch day!

Path of Exile Sentinel 3.18 launches today! GGG has made a news post that has all information regarding the launch. You can find the post here

I am happy to say that here at the PoE-Vault we are ready also and we have some more info for you to pick your league starter!

Recommended builds for the Sentinel League.

We’d like to give you a few recommendations of what we believe to be some of the strongest league starter builds (although any build tagged as a League Starter and updated for 3.18, is a very solid choice)

GhazzyTV’s Skeleton Mages Necromancer (3.18) is going to be the best minion build of the Sentinel league, this build excels in not only getting your maps clear but it’s an excellent boss killer. With the new Atlas bosses this build will not let you down and is described as the most OP minion build of the league.

GhazzyTV’s Explosive Arrow Slayer (3.18) is a classic build that has stood the test of time for many leagues. Giving good clear speed and consistent bossing damage, the build is perfect for both beginners and veterans alike and a solid league starter choice.

TbXie’s Arc Elementalist (3.18) has seen some gigantic buffs in the Archnemesis league, Arc is going to be a very strong self-cast build. This build is amazing for solo self-found where you can reach 2m boss damage and 10.000 effective health. A very strong contender in the new league.

TbXie’s Freezing Pulse Totems Hierophant (3.18) has been one of the most popular builds for newer players for the longest of times. Especially after recent tree changes it pushed its single target boss killing capabilities up by quite a significant amount, this build is an excellent one for both new and experienced players alike.

Velyna’s Ice Crash Raider (3.18) is a hard-hitting melee Raider that stacks Dexterity to scale damage using the Hollow Palm Technique. This build is very tanky and can reach high damage in its final version and is a solid league starter choice if you like playing melee characters.

Velyna’s Explosive Concoction (3.18) turns your flasks into explosive grenades and blaze a path of destruction. Playable at league start very cheaply this build becomes capable of deathless Feared when it is fully built out.

PoEVault’s Tornado Shot Deadeye (3.18) is the classic clear speed focussed bow build that is as old as Path of Exile itself and undergoing constant evolution to keep up with times. This build is extremely good at as a currency farmer, particularly those hunting for The Doctor divination card. Blow through maps like the wind and have no need to look back, a solid pick.

PoEVault’s Essence Drain/Contagion and Blight Trickster (3.18) —name a more iconic duo. This chaos damage combo has been tearing apart maps for years and is still virtually unmatched when it comes to raw clear speed in maps. One of the best builds for solo self-found and a solid choice for to unlock the new atlas.

Besides the above builds, we have a lot more league starters ready for you. If you still have not found a build and the above recommendations are not for you, then head over to our league start build hub
To make your levelling experience easier, you can pick up our Quick Reference Leveling guide.

If you’ve got questions about builds and itemization in the Sentinel League, you can chat with our writers on the PoE Vault Discord!

Have a great league from all of us at PoE-Vault!