[3.18] Harvest Profit Making Strategy Guide




Harvest has been one of the most broken mechanics introduced into Path Of Exile at its inception, and even after multiple nerfs it is still extremely efficient for making profit through both, crafting mid range gear to sell, min maxing extremely specific gear pieces, as well as simply selling crafts to people looking to craft their extremely min maxed pieces.

This guide will be coupled with a companion video if you prefer a video format so be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and stay tuned for it. It will also be linked in this guide.

The Mechanic

When we visit the Sacred Grove, we will have access to multiple plots of seeds to harvest, each offering different types of crafts. There will always be 2 plots adjacent to each other, of which we will choose 1 to harvest and the other to discard. When we Harvest a plot, we will be ambushed by a variety of beasts, which grant access to the Harvest crafting system after defeating them.

Multiple sets of plots can exist within a single Sacred Grove.

The Strategy

We have 2 sets of approaches here, we can either use Charged Compasses to constantly force the Harvest via “Areas contain a Sacred Grove” , or we can spam maps with as much chance to contain the Sacred Grove nodes from the Atlas Tree, If we go for the former, our tree doesn’t require any nodes from the Atlas Tree.

Beyond this, we have the option of selling valuable crafts Using The Forbidden Trove Discord server, though this will take a bit of research on your behalf to find out which crafts sell for good amounts on the Discord itself. It can be risky as the system is reputation based, so do this at your own risk.

If we decide to craft ourselves, we will want to sustain a stash tab or so of suitable crafting bases, this can be anything from influenced rings, to good uninfluenced Item level 86 claws/bows, to influenced helmets, We will publish a guide on Identifying potential profit crafts so stay tuned for that. Below we have also listed some use cases that you may find worthwhile, but you will always want to check the market to make sure you’re not wasting your crafts.

Generally speaking, we will want to spend as little time as possible in each map with this setup, favourable maps for this can be Mesa, Ashen Woods & Canyon, for efficiency, or whichever map you prefer. The reason for those map choices is the ease of getting to the boss and running through the entire map quickly without the chance of missing a Harvest.

If we decide to sell crafts, we will collect as many valuable ( requires research) crafts into our horticrafting bench, and then sell them all on TFT when we cap out our capacity. Keeping crafting bases is worthwhile even with selling as a lot of the reforges can result in decent amount of currency.

If we don’t sell crafts, then the emphasis on having suitable crafting bases is important, it can be difficult to get pieces actually worthy of using the Augments, for instance, so we can save those for a rainy day if we decide to craft something big or pull the trigger on actually selling.

Without Sextants

This Tree picks up all of the chance% nodes, favoured map sustain to run our chosen layout, and boss map drop nodes to give us a consistent way of generating income from maps themselves. Beyond this we have Harbingers & boxes because they feel too good not to pick up. If you don’t particularly enjoy them you can switch them out for whatever you prefer.

With Sextants

This Tree will be used if we’re using Sextants to force Harvests, the core is the same and you can go into the Kirac favourite map nodes if you feel like you need it to sustain your favourite map. The tree is mostly similar to the one shown above, with some slightly different pathing that makes it way more harvest specific, while the other tree gives more freedom on the other mechanics.

The Crafts

The easiest, most surefire use cases for Harvest crafting on a generic level will ALWAYS be Cluster Jewels & Jewels in general.

Since most 8-9 node large clusters are seen in endgame min maxed variants of builds, using our harvest rerolls to get 3 notables will generally result in a decent profit. This isn’t limited to any cluster jewel in particular, but not all notable nodes are created equal, as such you will always want to check whether the combination of notables is worth selling or worth rolling over in comparsion to other combinations.

Beyond this, we have compiled a list of all of the different seed types available in Harvest and their effects / common use cases beyond that of crafting cluster jewels.

Tier 4 harvests – look out for these, always money Use case
Ersi fracture modifier
Janaar influences
Namharim synthesise

Wild (purple)

Tier 1

Name Use cases
Wild Ursaling Caster, great for influenced rings (curse on hit)
Wild Hellion Physical, great for weapons or helmet influence for enemies take increased physical damage , possibly amulets for reforge
Wild Thornwolf Socket colours, white sockets are worthwhile
Wild Ape Fire, nothing too profitable here beyond cluster jewels
Wild Hatchling Random currency effects, all of them are good

Tier 2

Name Use cases
Wild Bristlebeast Resistances, very useful for fitting resistances on your own gear, can sell too
Wild Snap Hound Exchange currency, favourable trades are always worth it
Wild Homunculus Exchange delirium orbs, oils, essences, fossils – depends on which you get, can be profit
Wild Chieftain Sacrifice a map – free infused crafts are great
Wild Spikeback Reforge rare keeping x/more/less likely – very worth

Tier 3

Name Use cases
Wild Bristle Matron Sacrifice map for atlas missions, depends on which atlas missions you like
Wild Hellion Alpha Sacrifice weapon/armour – useless for the most part
Wild Thornmaw Sacrifice a map for fragments/currency/scarab/elder/shaper/synth maps – worthwhile even for scarabs
Wild Brambleback Weapon enchants ( attack speed enchant is huge, aoe can be sick too)
Wild Infestation Queen Other seeds have 1 additional craft

Vivid (yellow)

Tier 1

Name Use cases
Vivid Arachnid Attack modifiers, augment is always good, use primarily on weapons
Vivid Weta Life modifiers, reforge life can be used on any slot, good for shaper shield base
Vivid Leech Sockets, 6 sockets can be nice for your own purposes
Vivid Scorpion Cold modifiers, can be used on omniscience bases like high aps bows/claws, amulets reforges can be good
Vivid Thornweaver Speed modifiers, augments are great, else boots for the most part

Tier 2

Name Use cases
Vivid Razorleg Sacrifice gems, always worth to convert exp/gcp/ make awakened gems
Vivid Sapsucker Sacrifice maps – trash
Vivid Parasite Jewel implicits – great for getting implicits on your own jewels
Vivid Striketail Flask enchantment – useless for the most part
Vivid Nestback Can be good to put on the maps you run casually

Tier 3

Name Use cases
Vivid Whipleg Currency exchanges, worthwhile
Vivid Watcher Upgrade specialised currency – great
Vivid Vulture Modify scarabs – great to recycle scarabs or upgrade valuable ones
Vivid Abberarach Offering of the goddess ( all have value, gift is best)
Vivid Devourer Adds 10 random wild & primal outcomes

Primal (blue)

Tier 1

Name Use cases
Primal Rhoa Defence modifiers, can be great on es bases or shields
Primal Dustspitter Lightning modifiers, great for omniscience bases, amulets for reforge
Primal Feasting Horror Socket links – 6 linking uniques & crafted rares if you hit it is great
Primal Maw Chaos modifiers, primarily amulets reforge wise, hunter preferred for cdot multi
Primal Cleaveling Unique transform – good for gambling away random items from dump tab in hopes of turning them valuable

Tier 2

Name Use cases
Primal Rhex Sac div cards – sacrifice up to half is big, can gamble on many good turn ins
Primal Dustcrab Map fragment exchange – great for ssf to fill out boss fragments
Primal Viper Critical modifiers – can be okay for jewellery
Primal Chimeral Upgrade an item, great for everything, the “add high tier modifier” is a gamble but it can be huge
Primal Scrabbler Lucky modify – all of these are great for finishing off items

Tier 3

Name Use cases
Primal Rhex Matriarch Breach/timeless – can be good if you have bad breachstones or emblems to convert into good ones
Primal Crushclaw Aspect items into lures, harbingers unique/pieces into beachhead
Primal Blisterlord Add random influence, can be great for stygian vises, other bases too
Primal Cystcaller Body armour enchantment, main ones here are life, strength/dex/int for stacker builds on the right base


Seeds are great for profit. Run a lot of maps and make use of as many crafts as you can, either selling them or using them to create items to re sell for profit.


As much as I love making guides, it is very crucial in a game like Path of Exile that you play the game the way you enjoy playing it. This guide merely describes the most effective approach to craft the best items.
I hope you found the guide useful, and I wish you all many Tier 4 Seeds & Successful Divination Card gambles!


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