Purifying Flame Inquisitor Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon Powers





  1. Sanctuary
  2. Pious Path
  3. Augury of Penitence
  4. Righteous Providence

Additional Information

  • Sanctuary is best taken immediately, especially if you are League Starter, as it eliminates all of your Mana problems and ensures you have your Life Regeneration from Consecrated Ground whenever you are not moving, which is great for early bosses. The damage increase is a nice boost in the late-game, but perhaps most importantly, this node gate-keeps the way to Pious Path.
  • Pious Path provides immunity to Elemental Ailments, which frees up a lot of Flasks and is a great overall defensive boost. 200 Energy Shield regeneration per second while on Consecrated Ground also enables Eldritch Battery to be an easy solution to the Mind Over Matter Mana problem, which grants us the ability to run all of our Auras without issue. Finally, the damage boost is significant, and pairs perfectly with Intensify Support Intensify Support.
  • Augury of Penitence is a simple analog damage increase, as well as a defensive boost against Elemental Damage.
  • Righteous Providence provides an exceptional amount of damage once you have the gear to support it. It can and should be taken third over Augury if you are not League Starting and already have end-game level gear.

Deal with the Bandits Reward

We recommend helping Alira to start out, as the Resistances when League Starting are invaluable and the Multiplier feeds into our damage perfectly. Late-game, however, we can squeeze a little more out of the 2 Passive Points.

Pantheon Bonus

Pantheon is largely a matter of personal preference and depends somewhat on what gear you have available.

Major Gods

Soul of Arakaali is a great choice for nearly any situation, and the upgrades for it are perfect for the build — in particular, the Life and Energy shield regeneration are an excellent complement.
Soul of Solaris is the best choice for bossing and Uber Elder when fully upgraded.
Soul of the Brine King is a good choice for general mapping, to prevent Stun Chains, if this is something that your exile is struggling with.

Minor Gods

Soul of Gruthkul is recommended for the Physical damage reduction.

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  • Pantheon recs updated.

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