Velyna's Spectral Shield Throw Raider, Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon (PoE Necropolis)




Order of acquisition

I recommend going Way of the Poacher first, then Rapid Assault if you want to zoom quickly through the acts, followed by the full Avatar of the Veil arm. You can skip Rapid Assault if you don’t care about movement speed, since Avatar of the Slaughter is more DPS and eventually more movement speed with frenzy charges stacked.

1. Way of the Poacher

2. Quartz Infusion

3. Avatar of the Veil

4. Avatar of the Slaughter

Way of the Poacher

Pure damage, frenzy generation even on bosses. Very strong.

Quartz Infusion

Huge for defense and quality of life. Phasing feels great.

Avatar of the Veil

50% ailment avoid is a massive defense boost and the -20 resistance becomes useful in the builds second phase.

Avatar of the Slaughter

With 6 frenzy charges, this node straight overtakes Rapid Assault.


Kill them all, we have a lot of things to grab on the tree so extra points are the best choice here.


  • Major: Brine King is nice, but we can get very close to or actually ailment/stun immune making Lunaris pull ahead. It’s up to you.
  • Minor: These are pretty situational, depending what you want defense from. Gruthkul and Shakari are quite valuable even at top end when we are ailment immune.

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