Velyna's Storm Brand Inquisitor, Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon (PoE Affliction)




Order of aquisition

1. Righteous Providence

2. Inevitable Judgement

3. Sanctuary

4. Pious Path

Righteous Providence

Gives a nice boost to stats, and our crit chance in preparation from the next lab.

Inevitable Judgement

As soon as you get this, the value of crit goes way up because you ignore resistance with crits.


Provides us with consecrated ground while stationary, and increases how much damage it gives us.

Pious Path

Makes our consecrated ground regen ES in addition to life, and makes it linger 4 seconds once created.


Help Alira, we love everything she gives.


Without Stormshroud

  • Major: Brine King for stun and freeze protection
  • Minor: Ryslatha, powered up with a divine vessel, will buff your flask power by a ton.

With Stormshroud

  • Major: Arakali is very helpful with DoT damage, one of the builds weaknesses. When you are ailment and stun immune swap over and fully power it with Divine Vessel Divine Vessel.
  • Minor: Still Ryslatha.

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