TbXie's Wave of Conviction Ignite Elementalist Build Guide (PoE Crucible 3.21)




Wave of Conviction Wave of Conviction paired with Elementalist has enabled a very special & new “archetype” of builds. Using Physical or Lightning spells to inflict ignites through Elementalist’s Shaper of Flames now enables a ton of different builds to become an Ignite build & make use of fun and nice things such as Ignite Proliferation Support Ignite Proliferation Support. Because of the way current era ignite works, an ignite build almost automatically becomes a clearing powerhouse whilst enabling relative safe & strong bossing capabilities. The fact that ignites keep rolling means you can focus on dodging, using utility skills & keeping an eye out for mechanics. All of that while deleting screens with a single cast!

This build also requires virtually no gear to get going, which makes it a really solid leaguestarter while still providing worthwhile upgrade paths to excel in the lategame when it’s being midmaxed.


Mechanically, the build entirely revolves around Elementalist’s Shaper of Flame. This Ascendancy lets you ignite with any source of damage. This enables Wave of Conviction’s conversion to use mutliple damage sources & coversion to the maximum. It enables scaling factors that would otherwise not be there. Therefore, scaling the skills ignite damage leaves you with respectable damage numbers while having ignites inherent clearing benefits. A Damage over Time build usually also provides a lot of safety versus problematic targets as it will be rolling for a few seconds and thus has a reasonably good uptime damagewise.

Because of the way ignite scales and especially the way these types of Shaper of Flame builds scale, it leaves a good amount of investment open to invest into durability. This overall gets you a well-balanced build that remains very tanky whilst dishing out good damage.

You’ll be casting a Wave of Conviction on packs to clear and not worry about any other buttons. You should however, whenever you include it in the build, usually post Devouring Diadem, keep your Hatred Blessing up to maximize damage. This also makes for a relatively chill playstyle. On bosses, you’ll be throwing your Arcanist Brand Arcanist Brand on the boss and press a Vaal Flameblast Vaal Flameblast.

Build Viability in Numbers

This is where I’ll rate the build in numbers. The lower the number the worse I actually think the build is in that compartment.

  • Durability : 8.5/10
  • Damage : 8.5/10
  • Playstyle : 8.5/10
  • Gearing : 9/10
  • Complexity : 5/10

Path of Building & Skill Tree

You can find an optimized Path of Building here. Every build I release will use the community fork of Path of Building. You can find PoB’s Fork, by LocalIdentity, here.

If you are not comfortable with Path of Building, PoePlanner’s website offers you a non-PoB alternative to import the code from the above link. it is highly recommended you install Path of Building to follow builds most optimally.

Gem Links

Main Link: Wave of Conviction Wave of ConvictionIgnite Proliferation Support Ignite Proliferation SupportDeadly Ailments Support Deadly Ailments SupportCruelty Support Cruelty SupportBurning Damage Support Burning Damage SupportUnbound Ailments Support Unbound Ailments Support

Vaal Skill in Gloves: Vaal Flameblast Vaal FlameblastUnbound Ailments Support Unbound Ailments SupportBurning Damage Support Burning Damage SupportCruelty Support Cruelty Support

Auras in Devouring Diadem: Determination DeterminationMalevolence MalevolenceEnlighten Support Enlighten SupportGrace Grace

Auras Elsewhere : Defiance Banner Defiance Banner

Auras Blessing : Hatred HatredDivine Blessing Support Divine Blessing SupportInspiration Support Inspiration Support

Utility 1: Flame Dash Flame DashVaal Molten Shell Vaal Molten Shell

Buffs 1: aArcanist Brand Arcanist BrandFlame Surge Flame SurgeFlammability Flammability

Gear Summary

Early Game – Leaguestart Environment:

Item Slot Item Name
Head Rare AR/EV Helmet with Life, Resistances, Damage Taken As & Spell Suppression
Amulet Rare Amulet with Life & Damage over Time Multiplier
Chest Rare Chestpiece with Life, Spell Suppression, Damage Taken As & Resistances
Gloves Vaal Caress Vaal Caress
Boots Rare Boots with Movement Speed, Life, Resistances & Attributs
Belt Leather Belt Leather Belt with Life, Resistances
Rings A Berek's Respite Berek's Respite and a Rare ring with Life & Resistances
Weapon Singularity Singularity
Shield Rare Evasion/ES Shield with Suppression, Life and Attributes


Item Slot Item Name
Head The Devouring Diadem The Devouring Diadem
Amulet Rare Neck with Attributes, Life, Resistances, DoT Multi & Level of Skill Gems
Chest Rare Chest Piece with Suppression, Life, Resistances & Physical Damage taken as Elemental
Gloves +2 Corrupted VVaal Caress Vaal Caress
Boots Rare Boots with Attributs, Resistances, Suppression and Life
Belt Rare Belt with Life & Resistances
Rings Polaric Devastation Polaric Devastation & Replica Emberwake Replica Emberwake
Shield Rare Energy Shield & Evasion Shield with Energy Shield, Supression, Life & Resistances
Weapon +2 to Physical Spell Skill Gems, Fire Damage, Fire Multiplier & DoT Multiplier

*Only get minion attack speed if you pick up the Spiritual Command notable.

Jewels Life, Burning Damage, (Fire) Damage over Time Multi and a single Reservation Efficiency Modifier


1 Effusive Divine Life Flask Divine Life Flask of the Sealing
2 Granite Flask Granite Flask of the Tortoise
3 Jade Flask Jade Flask of the Deer
4 Quartz Flask Quartz Flask of Curlew
5 Quicksilver Flask Quicksilver Flask of the Ibex

Be sure to check out our Flask Crafting Guide to learn everything you need to know about how to set up your non-Unique flasks.

Questions & Support

I made it a habit to check all comments in my guides on a daily basis. Obviously, there might be occurrences where getting a reply might take longer but I really do try to get back to you as soon as possible. I prefer you making remarks, suggestions or asking questions that way as it allows others to read through the comments, providing them with a potential answer to their question, without having to wait for me again. If I have somehow missed your question, you can try reaching me on our Discord.

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Short Guide Disclaimer

Due to the sudden rise in popularity and the necessity we feel to cover the guide on our platform, we opted to write this guide out in a short version. Feel free to come around on Discord and ask our thriving community for feedback or extra help if this guide didn’t cover all the information you sought.

For any questions or support please join our Discord (PoE-Vault Discord)

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