Velyna's Storm Brand Inquisitor (PoE Necropolis 3.24)




Unlock the atlas with a 3-button build! Smooth as butter to leaguestart, Storm Brand Storm Brand feels great act 1 to endgame. One of the safest, most mobile playstyles! Drop brands near enemies and they die, no aiming needed. With Inpulsa's Broken Heart Inpulsa's Broken Heart the map clear goes crazy.



✔️ Easy Scaling – So much of our damage and defense comes from Ascend points and items/gems, the early league power scaling process is an absolute breeze.

✔️ Highly Mobile – Once the brands are out, your job is done and you can focus on dodging.


Bossing Price – Storm Brand will clear your maps cheap but if you want to kill pinnacle bosses, it gets expensive fast.

Not For Everyone – Some people think brands feel ‘spammy’ with how much you refresh them. I have tried to fix this by not using swiftbrand.

How Does it Play?

You will see a pack, drop a brand near them, and they die. That’s literally it. The brands will jump from enemy to enemy within the pack, shocking and chilling everything until they explode thanks to Inpulsa's Broken Heart Inpulsa's Broken Heart. As the enemies die you can be moving forward or dodging attacks, or even looting nearby!

Damage and Defensive Scaling

Nothing that reduces resistance works, because Inquisitors ignore resistance when critting. Our job is to stack crit as high as possible to maximize this benefit. Crit chance, crit multi, cast speed, spell damage, and percent/flat lightning should be the priority, roughly but not exactly in that order.

Defensively, we are ailment and stun immune which is fantastic. Petrified Blood Petrified Blood and The Burden of Truth The Burden of Truth massively reduce incoming hits while Inquisitor regen solves petrified bloods downside. The belt also allows flasks to recover ES + Life. Tons of armour, Divine Shield, leech, regen, endurance charges, Steelskin Steelskin.


Crafting and Upgrading for Beginners

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Using this Guide

For build imports head to the PoB and Skills page.

Pobs and Skills


Ascend and Pantheon

The build is designed to work through stages, explained next to the imports. The same page contains leaguestart tips and gem setups for leaguestart and endgame.

The gear page contains info about the endgame setup, links to help you search for items, and sometimes crafting tips as well.


  • My Leaguestart PoBs go step-by-step to place your talents during act 1-10.
  • There is also an act-by-act guide for which gems to use, you can find it on the Skills page.

Pobs and Skills

After the campaign get your lightning/cold/fire resistances to 75 and get life on every slot. You can wear a blue ring if it has life and resistance, that’s fine. Also start shopping for uniques.

The leaguestart is meant to grind out immediate upgrades in early maps, some builds can push into reds immediately and some not. Grind where you are cozy while upgrading.

When you can easily farm low maps, start looking to buy items for the next stage.


Some builds require a transition stage because levelling with our desired skill is not viable. If transitioning is required there will be a list of items to gather before doing it, and then you build towards the next PoB like always.

You will probably unlock most of your atlas while gearing out this stage, so don’t be afraid to spend on incremental upgrades. The faster you kill monsters the faster you make money.

Midrange will add more expensive uniques and any build-defining items. Usually not much crafting yet, but all rares should have the required life/resists/attributes plus good other mods. Flasks should also be decently rolled.

Check the gem setup in PoB, it usually changes slightly from leaguestart.


Pushing past the final atlas bosses and into the post-campaign content, this is where you add those final millions of DPS to finish off the build.

Upgrades will become more expensive overall, and may require some basic to intermediate crafting. If a difficult craft is required, instructions will be given on the Gear page of the guide.

The cost of this stage is different for every build and changes with every patch. If a build is generally very cheap or very expensive I will mention it in the Pros/Cons section.


  • Updated for Lake of Kalandra 3.19

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