Velyna's Explosive Concoction Ascendant, Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon (PoE The Forbidden Sanctum)




For this build we use 3 ascendancies with the new Forbidden Jewels. I go Berserker first for the rage generation, damage, leech and stun immunity. With the last 2 labs I head to Pathfinder and Way of the Ranger. The last ascendancy comes from Forbidden Jewels, Raider gives a ton of value in making suppress cap easier and providing frenzies plus phasing and onslaught.

Standard Setup

1. Two points going towards Berserker

2. Berserker

3. Pathfinder

4. Path of the Ranger

First Lab – Points towards Berserker

The first 2 ascend points only give us 40 Strength and 1 talent point, so don’t worry about doing it right away.

Second Lab – Berserker & 1 point towards Pathfinder

I like to take Berserker first since it makes levelling comfortable, you gain 15% more damage, rage, and stun immunity with 25 rage. You also get to add Berserk Berserk

Third Lab – Pathfinder

The big gain is Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds, it’s what makes the ascendant for explosive concoction work comfortably. You also gain 10% movement speed & 10% attack speed during any flask effect, 15% chance for flasks you use to not consume charges and Recover 4% of life when you use a flask.

Final Lab – Path of the Ranger

This gives us 2 additional skill points.


Kill them all, we have a lot of things to grab on the tree so extra points are the best choice here.


  • Major: Brine King for the times you are under 25 rage. You can also run Lunaris.
  • Minor: Lot of options here but Shakari is the easiest way to get some protection from poison, or if you want to get maim and blind immunity for the new map mods you can go the upgraded Garukhan.

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