TbXie's Firestorm Inquisitor Build Guide (PoE Necropolis 3.24)



Affliction & Transfigured Gems

With the release of the new Firestorm of Meteors, I think this could enable a bit different playstyle to Firestorm builds. However, I do think slotting this gem in on bosses for this build could deem very beneficial. Therefore, if you’re following this Firestorm guide, I suggest you try both of the new Firestorm gems to see how they feel to you and especially the “Firestorm of Meteors”.


Welcome to what is usually one of my considered skills & archetypes to play on Leaguestart. I generally resort back to a spellcasting Righteous Fire inquisitor at least once every year.

Because of the introduction of a Vaal version of Firestorm Firestorm I personally got interested in the skill gem again. Whilst looking around a bit for options & seeing what people were doing to pick up ideas I saw this very interesting build path using (or should we call it abusing) Rathpith Globe Rathpith Globe and Blood Magic to build a very interesting character. When I started to play around with the build, it ended up having impressive numbers while showcasing relatively good speed & quality of life.

Taking this build on a swing will allow you to construct a character that has just short of 10000 Life & Energyshield with almost 5000 of that being regenerated per second while packing millions upon millions of damage. All of that sounds pretty impressive, right? Welll, I haven’t told you the best part yet. The entire build is obtainable for at most a couple of Divine Orbs and gets going on virtually nothing!


This build tackles a couple of interesting mechanics together. First of all, it uses the ridiculously overpowered Divinarius Divinarius unique to keep the build within every players paycheck. This weapon rivals mirrorquality weapons at the cost of a few Divine Orb Divine Orbs which is one of the main reasons why this ended up being a Leaguestart build. Additionally, it uses Rathpith Globe Rathpith Globe to become ungodly tanky. Because of the way Rathpith scales our damage & crit chance, it frees us up to invest into an absolutely ridiculous amount of defenses. We chose to be an inquisitor because it’s Life & Energy Shield regen combination allows us for another way of freely increasing damage (through Righteous Fire Righteous Fire). This is why the build only needs to pick up a few damage nodes in the entirety of the tree and will still deal an absolute ton of damage!

We used some gimmicky tech left & right to optimise the way it achieves Regeneration, Spell Block, Block Chance, Really high maximum resistances and over 8K Life & 1.5K Energy shield!

Build Viability in Numbers

This is where I’ll rate the build in numbers. The lower the number the worse I actually think the build is in that compartment.

  • Durability : 10/10
  • Damage : 8/10
  • Playstyle : 10/10
  • Gearing : 7/10
  • Complexity : 4/10

Video Showcase & Wrap up

Path of Building & Skill Tree

You can find an optimized Path of Building here. Every build I release will use the community fork of Path of Building, which is maintained and updated in a much more regular fashion than the original one. You can find PoB’s Fork, by LocalIdentity, here.

If you are not comfortable with Path of Building, you can import the path of building link to poeplanner and it’ll showcase the basics.

Passive Skill Tree & Gem Links Page

Gear Summary

A lot of this is explained more in depth in the Gear Page, however we will provide you with a basic idea of what gear you’re looking for in this short summary.

Gear, Jewels & Flasks Page

Early Game – Leaguestart Environment:

Item Slot Item Name
Head Rare Armour Helmet with Life, Resistances and needed attributes
Amulet Citrine Amulet Citrine Amulet with Life & some Damage or crit chance
Chest Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa or a cheap 5-link
Gloves Rare Armour Gloves with Life, Resistances
Boots Rare Armour Boots with Life, Movement Speed, Resistances & a Life Regeneration Craft
Belt Rare Belt with Strength, Life, Resistances
Rings Rare Rings with Life, Resistances & Attributes – Potentially a Gifts from Above Gifts from Above
Shield Energy Shield based shield with Life, Energy Shield & Spell Block
Weapon Singularity Singularity


Item Slot Item Name
Head Rare Armour Helmet Life, Life Regeneration Rate, Resistances & Phyiscal Damage from hits Taken as Fire Damage
Amulet Xoph's Heart Xoph's Heart
Chest Infernal Mantle Infernal Mantle
Gloves Rare Gloves with Life Regeneration Rate, Life, Chaos Resistances
Boots Rare Boots with Life, Life Regeneration Rate, Resistances, Movement Speed
Belt Darkness Enthroned Darkness Enthroned as close to 100% as you can afford
Rings Amethyst Ring Amethyst Ring with Intelligence, Life, Resistances and potentially a minimum Frenzy Craft
Shield Rathpith Globe Rathpith Globe
Weapon Divinarius Divinarius
Jewels Increased Maximum Life, Critical Stike Multiplier (with Fire or Elemental Skills), Area Damage, Fire Damage
Jewels 1x The Red Nightmare The Red Nightmare socketed at Templar


1 Granite Flask Granite Flask of the Armadillo
2 Sulphur Flask Sulphur Flask of the Order (Regen)
3 Quartz Flask Quartz Flask of the Order (Leech)
4 Amethyst Flask Amethyst Flask of the Owl
5 Diamond Flask Diamond Flask of Incision

Potentially replace the Quartz or Sulphur with a Quicksilver for movement Speed.

Be sure to check out our Flask Crafting Guide to learn everything you need to know about how to set up your non-Unique flasks.

Ascendancy & Pantheons

Our Ascendancy, Bandit, and Pantheon Power page goes into detail about all the choices you need to make in these regards.

Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheons

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Even though we are very adamant about trying to give you a leveling experience that lies as close to your endgame playstyle as possible, we will recommend you to use the standard leveling setups until after act 10. For more information about leveling, we refer you to the following guides:

Act 1

To start off, the Templar doesn’t have access to Firestorm Firestorm so we’re going to have to play something else. Generally, getting through campaign can be done on most Spells rather easily, but I’ll provide you with the best leveling setup for Templars.

Start of by picking up a Rolling Magma Rolling Magma and link it to Elemental Proliferation Support Elemental Proliferation Support. If you happen to find a 3rd blue link, Combustion Support Combustion Support is really nice.
When you get offered Flame Wall Flame Wall you want to add that to your list of skills and make sure you are casting Rolling Magma’s through the Flame Wall. Optionally, you can either replace Rolling Magma with or just add a Holy Flame Totem Holy Flame Totem in the mix for more damage. This totem could potentially be supported by things like Summon Phantasm Support Summon Phantasm Support, Added Fire Damage Support Added Fire Damage Support and so on.
Don’t forget to pick up a Frostblink Frostblink and replace it with a Flame Dash Flame Dash later.

Act 2

At level 12, you can add a Flame Surge Flame Surge if you wish for some extra damage. In order for this to do extra damage, you’ll need to make sure your target gets ignited.

As for our Auras, while leveling, I really like to pick up a Herald of Ash. Additionally, I recommend you to pick up a Purity of Elements Purity of Elements when you’re offered this choice. It just makes life so much easier if you’re a beginning player. Vitality Vitality is another really solid leveling aura, in my opinion.

Act 3

You’ll be offered a Flammability Flammability here which is a huge boost of single target damage. Make sure you’re cursing targets which are a tad durable.

Further on

So from level 28, you could be progressing with Firestorm Firestorm. I recommend checking if you can afford a Vaal Firestorm Vaal Firestorm at this point.

You can however choose to progress on the setup you’ve been playing. In this case, you’re going to want a Wave of Conviction Wave of Conviction setup paired with an Armageddon Brand Armageddon Brand. I recommend trying to achieve this optimal leveling setup in Act 4 the earliest. You could pull this off faster, but this is only racer-strategy. You probably wont have the micromanagement to mange sockets, gems, …
If you’re choosing this setup, you’re aiming for the following setup around level 40.

  1. Wave of Conviction Wave of Conviction
  2. Added Lightning Damage Support Added Lightning Damage Support
  3. Combustion Support Combustion Support
  4. Physical to Lightning Support Physical to Lightning Support
  1. Armageddon Brand Armageddon Brand
  2. Faster Casting Support Faster Casting Support
  3. Added Lightning Damage Support Added Lightning Damage Support
  4. Inspiration Support Inspiration Support
  1. Flame Dash Flame Dash
  2. Arcane Surge Support Arcane Surge Support (L2)
  1. Elemental Weakness Elemental Weakness
  1. Auras to your pleasing (Clarity ClarityVitality VitalityPurity of Elements Purity of Elements for example whilst keeping the Clarity & Vitality at moderate levels).

Tips, Tricks & Explanations about the guide.

I’m not regenerating Life & dying from Righteous Fire

You need Pious Path & a bit of Life Regeneration from the Tree & Gear to be able to fully sustain. It shouldn’t be hard. If you can’t figure it out, hop on our discord so we can take a look and see if we can fix the problem for you.


  • Updated for 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors

For any questions or support please join our Discord (PoE-Vault Discord)