Ice Spear Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant Gear, Jewels & Flasks




Cap your Elemental Resistances and get the attributes your gems require in order to equip them. The majority of your items should be Rare and have Life and increase any other attributes or resistances you are lacking

My quick list recommended approach for this build is:

Item Slot Item Name Rarity
Head Life then res/attributes as needed Rare
Amulet Life then Res/Attributes as needed, + level of skill gems & crit multi will improve dmg by a lot too if possible Rare
Chest Soul Mantle Soul Mantle Unique
Gloves Life then Res/Attributes as needed Rare
Boots Life then Res/Attributes as needed Rare
Belt Stygian Vise Stygian Vise with Life, Mana, and Resists Rare
Rings 1x Kikazaru Kikazaru & Essence Worm Essence Worm for determination. When you have Atziri's Reflection Atziri's Reflection you will drop kikazaru for dmg taken as life recoup ring Unique & Rare
Weapon Rare wand with spell dmg/cast speed/spell crit, eventually you will want to have +1 level of all cold spell skill gems with this Rare
Shield Atziri's Reflection Atziri's Reflection once you acquire it. Before that you can use 2 rare wands or a wand and shield Rare & Unique


A lot of the higher budget examples can either be purchased or crafted. If crafting, I strongly recommend utilizing Craft of Exile to determine the cheapest approach to crafting the desired items.

Since most items in this build are Rare, the main focus will be to have as much Life as possible and ensure your attributes and resistances reach the desired caps. However, with that said there are some juicy choices one can take to increase the build’s efficiency, though they will come with a higher price tag.

You have the option of going for hybrid evasion & energy shield pieces, with the option of picking up Spell Suppression suffixes to help mitigate spell damage if you intend to use Grace Grace if you go for armour es pieces, you would instead use Determination Determination


In this slot, you’ll want a high Life helmet ideally with an extra mana roll on it. Remember to always cap your elemental resistances and ensure you have the attributes your gear/gem requires!


The build is designed around the unique Soul Mantle Soul Mantle making it a completely necessary item.


For gloves look for high Life and any attributes or resistances you may need.


As with the helmet, you’ll ideally want high Life with an extra mana roll, along with movement speed and any attributes/resistances needed.


A rare Stygian Vise Stygian Vise is the best option here along with high Life/mana with any resistances and/or attributes as you need. The jewel inside should have a flat Life roll and any sort of spell, cold, elemental, or crit rolls for your spells.


The unique jewels we use for this build are the following: Rain of Splinters Rain of Splinters and Self-Flagellation Self-Flagellation. Do keep in mind that the Rain of Splinter jewel can either be purchased or corrupted via Vaal Orb Vaal Orb to get one!



Similar to the other rare items we are looking for high Life with resistances and attributes as needed. This is the best item to use to meet requirements for additional attributes such as Dexterity and/or Strength.

The anoint you want is Marked for Death.


Since we are cursing ourselves consistently, we will strive for capping our curse effectiveness reduction early on via the use of 1x Kikazaru Kikazaru combined with Imbued Catalyst Imbued Catalyst and the upgraded Soul of Yugul Pantheon.
The other ring should simply be a generic Life/mana, resistance/attribute ring based on your needs:

Once you have the Atziri's Reflection Atziri's Reflection you can drop the kikazaru and throw on an Essence Worm Essence Worm with Determination or Grace socketed in there, depending on whether you want to stack some more Evasion or Armour.


In the best-case scenario you’re looking for high spell damage, spell crit, and cast speed. A critical strike multiplier is also very good! You can further spice this piece up with +1 to level of all cold spell skill gems, or +2 by adding +1 level to all spell skill gems if you have the currency.


An Atziri's Reflection Atziri's Reflection will go a long way once you can acquire it, it has become much cheaper since being moved to the Uber Atziri drop pool.


Flask set-ups are almost always a matter of personal taste when it comes to what utility flasks to use. However, I will list the set-up I’ve been using for a smooth play experience. To find the available list of modifiers the flasks can have, check out these links: Utility Flasks, Life Flasks, Mana Flasks & lastly: Hybrid Flasks

Slot Flask Description
1 Divine Life Flask Divine Life Flask Life flask, preferably with instant recovery & bleed removal
2 Enduring Eternal Mana Flask Eternal Mana Flask of the Arcanist This helps you manage the mana cost of spamming totems consistently during fights
3 Atziri's Promise Atziri's Promise This gives us just a bit more damage and is worth the slot
4 Diamond Flask Diamond Flask This flask is here to increase our critical strike chance
5 Enduring Eternal Mana Flask Eternal Mana Flask of the Arcanist Due to the heavy flask changes in 3.15 it is recommended to use 2 enduring mana flasks for this build

For higher budget versions I would skip the Life Flask or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can skip the Rumi’s, and instead use the expensive Bottled Faith Bottled Faith.

For help crafting your non-Unique flasks, we recommend checking out our Flask Crafting Guide.

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