Quick Reference Leveling Guide Act 2



Guide Format

This guide has been split up by the in-game Acts so that it can easily be viewed and absorbed without being overly long or confusing. Provided here is the Table of Contents for our guide, and at the bottom of each page is a button to take you to the next Act guide. You can also use the Table of Contents on the side of the screen to navigate.

Act II

  1. Enter the Old Fields, taking the right exit.
  2. If you do not desperately need a weapon upgrade, skip this zone and proceed to the Crossroads.
  3. Find the waypoint by following the road
  4. Take the left path, proceed to the Chamber of Sins
  5. Proceed through level 1, descend to level 2. Find the trial near the beginning of this zone. Then proceed to the end, kill Fidelitas, loot his quest item and teleport to town.
  6. Pick up your herald skill from Gruest, and teleport back to the Crossroads.
  7. This time you go straight ahead and enter the Broken Bridge. Proceed through the zone and deal with Kraityn. Teleport to town.
  8. (optional) Go to the Crypt and find the hand of the good man and the trial. If this is your first playthrough this league, you will need to complete the trial here.
  9. Enter the Riverways and locate the waypoint. Typically found in the middle of the zone, along the road.
  10. Proceed to The Wetlands, always found close to waypoint and kill Oak. Proceed to the tree and pick up the waypoint, teleport back to riverways.
  11. Follow the road in the direction that was not the town, until you come to the Western Forest.
  12. Proceed down the path until you locate the waypoint.
  13. On the side of the road the waypoint is on, you will find Alira skulking in her camp, along the wall of the map. Find her, and kill her. If you are helping Alira, do that instead.
  14. Now proceed down to the bottom on the map, dispatch the Blackguards hanging out here, pick up the seal and open the door.
  15. Follow the wall on the opposite side of where Alira was, until you start encountering spider webs, locate Weavers Chambers and enter.
  16. Proceed through the Weavers Chamber, kill The Weaver and pick up Maligaros Spike.
    Log back to town. Go to act 1, pick up your free skillbook, talk to the NPC’s in act 2 to collect levels and gem rewards and proceed to the waypoint in The Wetlands which we acquired after killing Oak.
  17. Poison the old tree and enter the Vaal Ruins, break seal once encountered and exit into Northern Forest.
  18. Head upwards through {color:white} the Northern Forest until you find The Caverns. Do not enter the Dread Thicket.
  19. Grab waypoint once encountered
  20. Locate entrance to the Ancient Pyramid.
  21. Ascend the levels of the Pyramid until you find the the Pyramid Apex.
  22. Slay the Vaal Oversoul and exit into the City of Sarn.
  23. Locate the Blackguards harassing Clarissa, kill them all to rescue her and wait until she’s on her feet. Make sure you speak to her before running off.
    #Follow the little staircase directly below Clarrissa, follow the water edge until you locate the Sarn Encampment.
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