Quick Reference Leveling Guide Act 8



Guide Format

This guide has been split up by the in-game Acts so that it can easily be viewed and absorbed without being overly long or confusing. Provided here is the Table of Contents for our guide, and at the bottom of each page is a button to take you to the next Act guide. You can also use the Table of Contents on the side of the screen to navigate.


  1. Enter the Toxic Conduits.
  2. Locate and enter Doedre’s Cesspool.
  3. Open the grate and enter The Cauldron.
  4. Kill Doedre the Vile.
  5. Exit into the Sewer Outlet and grab the Waypoint.
  6. Take the right path and enter The Quay.
  7. Open the Sealed Casket and take the Ankh of Eternity. The Ankh is typically found near the entrance of the zone; look for a long bridge.


  1. Locate and enter the Ressurection Site and kill Tolman.
  2. Talk to Clarissa.
  3. Return to The Quay.
  4. Enter the Grain Gate and grab the Waypoint. Head “upwards” through the zone, roughly following the right-upper wall of the area.
  5. Kill the Gemling Legionnaires.
  6. Enter the Imperial Fields and follow the main road to find the Waypoint.
  7. Return to the Sarn Encampment. Speak to Clarissa and Maramoa for the Book of Skill rewards. Speak to Hargan for the ring reward.
  8. Return to the Imperial Fields.
  9. Enter the Solaris Temple (Level One).
  10. Acquire the Waypoint if you come across it.
  11. Enter the Solaris Temple (Level Two).
  12. Kill Dawn and take the Sun Orb. Return to town via logout or Portal.
  13. Return to the Toxic Conduits via Waypoint.
  14. Take the left path and enter the Grand Promenade.
  15. Enter the Bath House.
  16. Acquire the Waypoint.
  17. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it. Portal out and return to the Bath House via Waypoint.
  18. Enter the High Gardens and proceed until you encounter the Pools of Terror. Enter and slay Yugul. Portal out and speak to Hargan for the Book of Skill reward. Return to the Bath House via Waypoint.
  19. Enter the Lunaris Concourse.
  20. Acquire the Waypoint.
  21. Enter the Lunaris Temple (Level 1). The path to the Lunaris Temple is the same as in Act III, always heading upwards until you encounter it.
  22. Acquire the Waypoint, then enter the Lunaris Temple (Level 2).
  23. Kill Dusk and take the Moon Orb, then return to town via logout or Portal.
  24. Return to the Lunaris Concourse via Waypoint.
  25. Enter the Harbour Bridge, which is always below the Waypoint.
  26. Enter the Sky Shrine.
  27. Kill Solaris and Lunaris.
  28. Enter the Blood Aqueducts.
  29. Enter Highgate.
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