Quick Reference Leveling Guide Act 7



Guide Format

This guide has been split up by the in-game Acts so that it can easily be viewed and absorbed without being overly long or confusing. Provided here is the Table of Contents for our guide, and at the bottom of each page is a button to take you to the next Act guide. You can also use the Table of Contents on the side of the screen to navigate.


  1. Enter the Broken Bridge. Travel towards the bottom left part of the area.
  2. Enter The Crossroads. Follow the road and grab the Waypoint in the center of the zone.
  3. Take the bottom fork from the Waypoint and enter the Fellshrine Ruins.
  4. Enter The Crypt and acquire the Waypoint.
  5. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it.
  6. Find the Sarcophagus and descend to The Crypt (Level Two).
  7. Locate the Container of Sins and take Maligaro’s Map.
  8. Return to the Bridge Encampment via Portal or logout.
  9. Return to The Crossroads via Waypoint.
  10. Take the upper path from the Waypoint and enter the Chamber of Sins (Level 1).
  11. Grab the Waypoint at the central cross and insert Maligaro’s Map into the Map Device.
  12. Enter Maligaro’s Sanctum and proceed until you find Maligaro’s Workshop.
  13. Kill Maligaro and take the Black Venom. Leave the map via Portal Scroll Portal Scroll.
  14. Speak with Silk and take the Obsidian Key.
  15. Find and enter the Chamber of Sins (Level Two).
  16. (Optional): Find the Labyrinth trial and complete it.
  17. Enter The Den.
  18. Proceed and exit into the Ashen Fields.
  19. Enter the Fortress Encampment.
  20. Slay Greust.
  21. Enter the Northern Forest.
  22. Grab the Waypoint.
  23. (Optional): Return to town and speak with Helena to receive Greust’s Necklace. This quest only rewards an amulet but usually does not take more than a minute or so in total time, so it is your choice on a league starter whether to complete it. If you encounter the Azmeri Shrine in the Northern Forest, place the necklace there and speak with Helena when you are next in town turning in other quests.
  24. Enter the Dread Thicket.
    • Enter the Den of Despair and kill Gruthkul, then return to the Dread Thicket.
    • Collect 7 Fireflies from around the Dread Thicket.
  25. Return to the Bridge Encampment and speak with Eramir to receive the two Books of Skill as a reward.
  26. Return to the Northern Forest via the Waypoint.
  27. Find the exit to The Causeway.
  28. Grab the Waypoint when you encounter it.
  29. Acquire Kishara’s Star before leaving the area, usually find right next to the exit of the zone.
  30. Enter the Vaal City.
  31. Locate Yeena. The Vaal City is a massive, sprawling, and confusing zone for some players. There is always a part of the zone that is surrounded by dead ends, and is difficult to penetrate into (the “center” of the city, but not of the area itself). Yeena and the Waypoint are always found here.
  32. Speak with Yeena and enter the Temple of Decay (Level One).
  33. Enter the Temple of Decay (Level Two).
  34. Enter Arakaali’s Web.
  35. Kill Arakaali.
  36. Enter the Sarn Ramparts.
  37. Enter the Sarn Encampment.
  38. This is where we would reccomend you do the Second Labyrinth
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