Quick Reference Leveling Guide Act 4



Guide Format

This guide has been split up by the in-game Acts so that it can easily be viewed and absorbed without being overly long or confusing. Provided here is the Table of Contents for our guide, and at the bottom of each page is a button to take you to the next Act guide. You can also use the Table of Contents on the side of the screen to navigate.

Act IV

  1. Enter The Dried Lake.
  2. Locate Voll, defeat him, and take Deshret’s Banner. Return to town via logout or Portal.
  3. Open the mines using Deshret’s Banner and enter The Mines (Level One).
  4. Proceed through the area and enter The Mines (Level Two).
  5. Locate Deshret’s Spirit and release it.
  6. Enter the Crystal Veins.
  7. Locate the Waypoint, at the end of the area, and return to Highgate.
  8. Speak to Tasuni to receive the Book of Skill reward. Speak to Oyun to receive the Golem gem reward.
  9. This is where we reccomend you go complete your first Labyrinth and Ascend.
  10. Return to the Crystal Veins via the Waypoint.
  11. The next steps may be completed in either order, based on preference. We prefer to do Kaom’s Dream first, however, as the boss is generally a little less dangerous at lower levels.
    • Enter Kaom’s Dream and proceed through the area until you reach Kaom’s Stronghold. Acquire the Waypoint and continue onwards, until you reach the Caldera of the King. Defeat Kaom and pick up the Eye of Fury. Return to town via logout or Portal, then take the Waypoint to the Crystal Veins.
    • Enter Daresso’s Dream and proceed through the area until you encounter Barkhul. Defeat him and his bodyguards, then enter The Grand Arena and acquire the Waypoint. Proceed through the arenas until you encounter “The Trio”, a group of three unique enemies. This means that Daresso is in the next area, and signals you are on the correct path. Defeat the Trio and enter The Ring of Blades. Defeat Daresso and take the Eye of Desire. Return to town via logout or Portal, then take the Waypoint to the Crystal Veins.

The Trio

  1. Talk to Dialla.
  2. Enter the Belly of the Beast (Level One), and proceed through the area.
  3. Enter the Belly of the Beast (Level Two), and proceed through the area.
  4. Enter the Bowels of the Beast.
  5. Defeat Piety.
  6. Enter The Harvest, and acquire the Waypoint. Return to Highgate.
  7. Speak to Dialla at the uppermost part of the city to receive the gem reward.
  8. Return to The Harvest.
  9. Slay Malachai’s 3 guardians; Doedre, Maligaro, and Shavronne. Pick up the various organs they drop.
  10. Enter The Black Core, found next to the Waypoint.
  11. Kill Malachai.
  12. Return to Highgate via Portal or logout.
  13. Exit into The Ascent, found in the upper right part of Highgate.
  14. Interact with the resonator and take the Oriath Portal.
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