GhazzyTV's Spectre Summoner Necromancer Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon Powers (PoE Necropolis)




The most optimal way to play this build leaves very few choices when it comes to the Ascendancy nodes, which I will cover in this section of the guide.

My Preferred Set-up

The ascendancy nodes are listed in order of importance (and tied to the way you need to travel to access them).

  1. Commander of Darkness
  2. Mindless Aggression
  3. Mistress of Sacrifice
  4. Bone Barrier

Commander of Darkness

Commander of Darkness is my personal choice for this build: it makes gearing cheaper & easier to come by thanks to the extra resistances you gain, and it also provides increased attack speed & damage for your minions, as well as increased cast speed for you to be faster at summoning your minions.

Mindless Aggression

Mindless Aggression This node does provide a lot of power for your build by increasing Minion damage, attack speed, as well as their movement speed.

Mistress of Sacrifice

Mistress of Sacrifice makes it so that our Bone Offering affects us and provides us with tons of extra block % chance.

Bone Barrier

Bone Barrier is really good to use. Since we always have10+ minions up we gain 10% physical damage reduction against all physical hits no matter how high the hit is. It also provides the minion some extra defence and gives us some leech.


As with most summoner builds, you will kill all of the bandits, as they provide no significant gains worthy of losing the skill points for.


As with most builds these come down to a matter of personal taste. I for one, love adding the upgraded Brine King Major God to avoid being frozen.

And I tend to lean towards the Abberath Minor God pantheon to mitigate Burning Ground.

Main Page / TL;DR


  • 3.21 Crucible, added Animate Guardian and Spectre page

  • Build was checked and updated for 3.14 Ultimatum (no major changes needed).

  • Build added.

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