Path of Exile Sentinel 3.18 League Starter builds


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Hey Exiles!

No nerfs and no buffs mean there might not change much to our league starters but we did change them up a bit :)

Not only do we have some new contenders for our league starters, but we also have added 3 builds of our latest writer Velyna!

Since we know you all are eager to find your league starters, here are 12 builds that are guaranteed good to start with!

Skeleton Mages Necromancer
Cyclone Slayer
Ice Crash Raider
Tornado Shot Deadeye
Arc Elementalist
Absolution Necromancer
Essence Drain Trickster
Explosive Concoction Ascendant
Raise Spectre Necromancer
Freezing Pulse Totems Hierophant
Herald of Agony Champion
Explosive Arrow Slayer

These are our league starter recommendations but we have many more builds on the Poe-Vault website, so please have a look.

As always if you have any questions about a build or you just want advice just join our discord and our team will be happy to help!

Have a great league start!