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Velyna’s Guide Hub

A collection of all my PoE Vault guides in one place, for your convenience. This page will include not only builds, but also guides for atlas passives, crafting, and whatever else people want to see!

Each build guide contains step-by-step progression breakpoints from leaguestart to endgame, making your life easier. Start with the Leveling section on each guide to see which skills to use while running through acts, and move to the Leaguestart PoB once entering maps.

Beginners Guides

Topic Notes Link
Beginners Guide to Crafting and Upgrades Easy to understand guide to improving your character as a new player, or on leaguestart. Guide
Timeless Jewel Search How to find strong jewels for your build. Video

Guide Links

Type Ascendancy Build Link Notes
Melee Attack Raider Ice Crash Fantastic melee build, easy bossing and very safe
Melee Attack Slayer Ground Slam Very satisfying with nearly screen-wide AoE
Ranged Attack Ascendant Explosive Concoction Very unique and quite powerful, throws exploding bombs instead of using a weapon
Ranged/Minion Champion Storm Rain HoAG Insanely strong minion build that feels nothing like a minion build
Caster Inquisitor Storm Brand Great mapper with huge mobility, capable of uber bosses with investment
Ranged Attack Raider Spectral Shield Throw Shatter packs with one toss of your shield, and uber boss viable as well!
Trap/Spell Saboteur Ice Trap Easy leaguestart and bossing


These videos explain the basics of leaguestarting a build and progressing it into early maps, showing important skills and items along the way.

Build Notes Link
Explosive Concoction Frostferno no longer exists, everything else is current Video
Ice Crash This video covers early mapping gear but skipped the leveling, for that just use the leaguestart PoB Video
Storm Brand Storm brand is an insanely fast leaguestart, for even more speed just put onslaught support in main links Video
Storm Rain HoAG Levels with explosive concoction before transitioning Video


These videos will explain how to craft some midrange to advanced level gear for my builds, more will be added as I make them. Make sure to read the notes column, crafting in PoE is complex and changes every patch.

Build Notes Link
Explosive Concoction Helmet and Boots changed in 3.19, everything else is still current Video
Ice Crash Should be accurate for 3.19 Video
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